Actually Famous

I got up early this morning to grab the Province newspaper so I could have a copy of the print story about my daughter’s fundraising campaign for Small Animal Rescue Society for posterity. I don’t read the print editions of the Province or Vancouver Sun (the two dominant papers in Vancouver, both owned by the same corporate media giant, natch), but many people still do.

Anyway, I was leafing through the paper at the supermarket, trying to figure out where in hell editors put the ‘human interest’ stories these days in print editions, and almost gave up among all the full page car dealership ads, sensational headlines, and seemingly endless obituaries. I set the paper down and then looked at the cover image:






The story’s on page A3. Jaw, meet floor.

So it was with all this excitement going on that we went, paper in hand, to school, half an hour EARLY so we could tell her teacher and principal about the headlines. A pretty great morning so far.

She’s getting a big kick out of being famous for this, even if it’s just for today. So am I.

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