Birthday Madness

We’re in the midst of some heavy birthday madness here. There are four birthday parties in the next two weeks, plus the one we’re organizing for the girl. Combined with all the play-dates, festival appearances and miscellaneous brou-ha-ha in her life, the girl has a more active social calendar than either me or my spouse ever had, as children or as adults, and that’s both of us combined.

So we’re off to the fuckin’ balloon store.

By using the expletive there, I’m not trying to convey anger, annoyance, or anything untoward. I’m using it to convey excitement. & I’m trying to be original. & if anyone ever does a Google search for a “fuckin’ balloon store”, well … hello there! Glad you could stop by! Next week I’ll be writing about our experiences with attachment parenting…stay tuned!

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