The End of the World

But not really. Things have been so heavy in the work-dissertation-and-family-survival morass I’ve been submerged in for the past 18 months, he says, noting that his last post to this blog was in June 2011. Actually all of my blogs have fallen victim to this phenomenon.

Whatever. I’m struggling to work smarter so that this doesn’t happen again. An unexamined [unblogged life, y’know?]

Part of the thing is, this thing…this Facebook and privacy thing. The past few years have seen the ‘new transparency’ pundits’ [no links, no thanks] ideas really take hold, for lots of people, and I’ve let it sorta get me down. I’ve seen it not only in my students’ papers, in their increasingly broad embrace of living publicly on Twitter, in their odd admissions of sharing their Facebook passwords with their significant others [that’s a highly gendered practice, yo], and other phenomena I care too little about to utter. The big Utter:

But apart from all of that, the tiny break in my marking/course prep has given me some space and time to think about what really matters, and my thoughts first turned to music, and then secondly to this blog, things fatherly. Since I last posted, here, much has transpired: the daughter entered Kindergarten, I’ve started a new job, one of my best friends fled to Indonesia and wed there, we lost our dearly beloved orange tabby, and one more of my lifelong friends has also become a new dad [for some reason we’re all doing it in our mid-30s to early 40s]. More about all of these stories later – not sure if I should take the big step of naming names. Again with the privacy.

Today I devoted my breathing space toward checking back in on things fatherly, and making lists of books I need to read [including, again with the privacy nag, a bit of cryptofreaking out stuff]. All terribly related.

Importantly, I found out about Rad Dad, several decades too late, apparently. It’s some great reading. And it helps [finally] give me some much-needed context and inspiration to continue this blog. So that’s how I got here, on this damp East Vancouver day, in this overwrought coffee shop, coping with an Android tablet keyboard that only lets me use square brackets. A day that started with 180 some odd people, kids and adults, singing Xmas carols in the school gym, and the girl’s first report card [highly positive, BTW].

Sidebar: I believe I’ll need to open up comments on this blog so I can stop writing in a void, maybe start attracting and including some more voices in the comments to correct/educate me when I’m less informed about extant related texts than I should be.

Please bear with me; this is a return to blogging after a long hiatus during which most of my writing included [1] harried conference papers in buggy, uncooperative LibreOffice programs [14 months ago I crashed myself into Ubuntu Linux and Android, which I don’t recommend unless you enjoy relearning to use your digital hands, eyes, and ears, OR unless your tech politics suddenly overwhelm your technical prowess/tolerance, as befell me] and [2] detailed feedback on 1st year student papers, if you know what that bag is like. I won’t get into it. Privacy again.

Short version: here again, blog won’t write itself, vague idea I’ll be back tomorrow.

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